The ins and outs of Cauking/Joinsealing

Frequently asked questions

when do I Caulk a tub?

To caulk a bath, apply the tape of the painter to safeguard the tile and tub where you are going to caulk, and make sure to buy waterproof caulk for the bathroom. Hold the pipe in one of the corners at an angle of 45 degrees to apply the caulk and run the pipe along the seam as you squeeze it.

what Caulking do I use on exterior of house?

You can use several kinds of caulk and sealants inside and outside your home: silicone sealant caulk, latex caulk, polyurethane foam and specialty caulks such as butyl rubber caulk. Silicone is a repellant for water and moisture. Use it: sinks, tubs and showers around.

Who does Caulking?

Most other trades (Panters/Tilers/Renderers/Brick Layers) rather assign experienced Caulkers to do the job as it has a cleaner finish

Caulking with masking tape?

Simply add the tape of the painter above and below the caulking region, apply the caulk and smooth it out, and remove the tape while the caulk is still moist. Voila! A seamless task witha Caulk. (Caulk and the Painter's tape come together conveniently, by the manner, even when you paint the bottom of a wall.

Caulking vs Silicone which one is better?

While acrylic caulking can be used to prevent water penetration, it is not the best choice because of its propensity to shrink and distort over time. Silicone Caulk, often referred to as rubberized Silicone Caulk, stays flexible without peeling, cracking or distorting for most of its lifetime.

Caulking or Sealant?

The main difference between the elasticity of a Caulk and a Sealant. When dry, Caulks are fairly rigid and intended to be used in areas with minimal Expansion and Contraction. Sealants are made of flexible material, most commonly Silicone, making them ideal for expanding and contraction-prone areas.

how do I Caulk like a Pro?

1: Choose the right Sealant for the job 2: Clean Area of Caulking. If you Caulk an area where there was once a Caulk, make sure the old Caulk is removed completely 3: Cut the Cartridge/Sausage 4: Apply Caulk 5: Tool off

Is Caulking like glue?

It can be used as an external glue with Silicone Caulk. Because it is not an adhesive, however, its adhesive properties tend to break down much earlier than those of an actual adhesive.

Caulking vs Grout what do I use?

Caulk ought to be used between the tile planes wherever there's flex and movement between the tile planes. ... Caulk also will flex rather more than grout and can not crack and break once there's movement within the Caulked areas. In any shower areas between the tiles and non-tile surfaces Caulking must always be used

Caulking or Filler, what do I use for the job?

Use flexible filler or caulk to fill cracks and gaps in walls, wood and other surfaces. ... Caulk is defined as making water or air-tight by filling or sealing. The purpose of using flexible filler is to fill and conceal any cracks or small gaps that might still have some movement in them or may increase with time.

where are Fire Rated walls required?

- Separating walls in multi-residential construction - Separating walls in office buildings - External walls required to be fire resistant - Bathroom linings - Hospital corridor walls subject to trolley impact - Wall linings in transit areas and schools - Walls in security type buildings

how long does Silicone take to dry?

48hrs for a full cure, half an hour for skinning.

How long does Polyurethane take to dry?

48 Hours, 1 hr for skinning

How long do Fire rated Sealants burn for?

4 Hours

Can Polyurethane Sealant be painted?


Can Polyurethane Caulk be used indoors?

Most indoor outdoor Polyurethanes can be used, but indoor Polys should never be used outdoors ; they lack the additives to protect outdoor finishes from UV rays.

Will Polyurethane Caulk stick to itself?

The difference between Polyurethane caulk and silicone is that it adheres well to porous surfaces, such as bricks and cement, but not when applied to Silicone. ... Applying a Polyurethane caulk layer over a silicone Caulk will not provide you with adequate results and seal the area properly.

Why Polyurethane Caulk?

Polyurethane has good adhesive properties, better Movement capabilities 25+/- Movement. Paintable. Durable.

How do I remove Polyurethane Caulk?

1: Cut out old Sealant with Stanley blade 2: Use wire brush to scrape excess Sealant off subtrate 3: use Xylene on rag to soften Polyurethane to clean excess sealant (make sure to use chemical resistant gloves as Xlene is highly corrosive)

Where to buy Polyurethane Caulk?

Bunnings Warehouse, Waterproofing Warehouse

How to smooth Polyurethane Caulk?

1: Apply right amount of Polyurethane from Polyurethane Gun 2: Use Polyurethane spatula to tool off highs 3 :wipe spatula with rag 4: gently pull Polyurethane with spatula

What caulker mean?

A person who caulks different structures, to seal in joints to stop water and other contaminants from entering. Caulkers can also stop structures from cracking.

Is caulker a word?

Yes it is a word, its pronounced as cawker.

Is there a caulker for hire?

Yes, for high volume work they charge generally charge per linear meter. Small odd jobs havce there set price.

Is there a caulker near me?

GC Seals service all over Gold Coast to Brisbane, we also service Bryron Bay area.

How to seal joint?

Flexible sealant must be used to seal the expansion joints. Different substrates need primer before sealing to ensure that joints don't fail.

How to replace joint seal?

Removal of old sealant isn't easy. Can take several hours to remove, tools such as wire brush grinders and multi tools can help speed up the process. After when substrate is cleaned out thouroughly, it is ready to prime and then sealed with appropiate sealant for the job.

How to seal joint between concrete and wood?

Products such as Sikaflex construction can be used to seal joint. Make sure joint is free of moisture and debri. If the joint has a never ending void, use backing rod. Appy sikaflex and tool off with spatula.

When to seal bathroom tile with silicone?

Tiles should be grouted first then silicone can be applied.

How do you seal bathroom Tiles?

1: Repeat and clean grout. Before applying a sealer, be sure to thoroughly clean your grout and repair any cracks or crumbles within the grout lines. ...
2: Select sealer. ...
3: Choose an applicator sealer. ...
4: Slowly apply sealant. ...
5: Apply a second sealant coat.

What are wet areas in a house?

An area supplied with water from a water supply network inside a house. Consequently, this includes: showers, bathrooms, laundries and toilets. It excludes kitchens, bars, kitchenettes or homemade food and drink preparation areas.

Fixing a leak in the roof.

Polyurethane sealants can be used to fix a leak on a roof. Primers should be used if substrate is smooth. Usually roof leaks occur from the ridge capping and flexipoint should be replaced.

What is fire stop seal?

A firestop or fire stop is a form of passive fire protection used to seal in a fire-resistant wall or floor assembly around openings and between joints. Use a certified tech to seal up any exposed joints. Therefore you are not liable for any damages when a fire does break out.

How long does fire sealant last in a fire?

Most fire sealant have a burn time to 4 hours.

Whats the difference to Fire seal vs Smoke seal?

Such seals should avoid smoke from going through the cracks, ensuring that no harmful smoke can enter the rest of the building – which may pose a life danger. Whereas fire seals only become visible when expanding in the event of a fire, smoke seals are always present and visible

Who Sells Sikaflex?

Please check this link to find places in your location. https://aus.sika.com/en/where-to-buy.html

Will sikaflex stick to concrete?

Yes, Sikaflex ap Construction is the sealant most used for commercial grade purposes.

Why does sikaflex bubble?

Factor 1: If the joint is deep or very narrow (past the maximum of 1/2 inch depth), the sealant flows down forcing out air. Factor 2: Substrate may have trapped excess moisture, when sealed over. During hot days moisture needs to evaporate and release. The only way out is through the sealant. Factor 3: Concrete has not dried to full cure leading to Factor 2 scenario.

What sikaflex to use?

Please click onto link for more info https://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/document.do?docId=1007

Can sikaflex be painted?

All Sikaflex Polyurethane are paintable

Can sikaflex be sanded?

No, it will not come out smooth even after 48h full cure. Best to sand up to and not on it.

Which sikaflex is best for Caravans

Best suited for Caravans are Matrix FC or Sikaflex 221. Matrix FC is Fast Curing half an hour drying time Sikaflex 221 takes full 48 hrs

Where is sikaflex made?


Sikaflex how to use

1. Make sure surface is dry and clean before starting 2. Prime surface if surface is smooth or shiny. Better adhere strength at 20% 3. Apply seal to surface 4. Tool off with spatula 5 Drying time is usually 48 hrs Do not use any detergents as it can fail the seal.

Sikaflex how to remove

Get yourself sika remover 208 from bunnings, Ideal for removing uncured sealant from hands. Avoid Solvents

What sikaflex do I use for cars?

Best sealant for cars is Sikaflex 227

Sika flex vs Silicone

Silicone sealants are more flexible and versatile than polyurethane sealants and work better in the majority of environments. The inorganic composition means that silicone is UV resistant, which makes it a better option than polyurethane sealant, which eventually returns to its natural shape. Sika is paintable and silicone is not. Sika has stronger adhesive qualities than Silicone. Good for external joints with 15ml width or higher as silicone tends to fail from those width"s

Why use a caulker?

Advantages of using a caulker 1. Cleaner straight lines 2. Less clean up 3. Seals will not fail over time 4. Job is done alot quicker, generally will be alot cheaper as DIY jobs generally takes alot longer. They will do your job for you 10 times quicker. 5. They know what type of sealant is best for the job, you could be using the wrong sealant for the job, even if the packaging says its says its suited. Caulkers know which one doesn't fail through trial and error. 6. Ends up cheaper as sealant can be expensive to buy if you were to buy yourself. Caulkers have there own merchants and generally can get it cheaper so they can pass it on to there clients. 7. They make average jobs look professional. Uneven skirting boards look straight, example a painter that cant cut properly. 8.Provide guarantees usually for 5-10 years Get a caulker - save yourself the hassle trust me... Don't say I didn't warn you.

Why use a Joint sealer?

Benefits of using a caulker 1. Plus clear straight lines
2. Weniger clean
3. With time, seals won't fail
4. Job is done much faster and will generally be much cheaper as DIY jobs usually take a lot longer. They will do the job 10 times quicker for you.
5. They know what type of sealant is best for the job, you could use the wrong sealant for the job, even if it says it in the packaging It says it's appropriate. Caulkers know by trial and error. 6.Ends up cheaper as sealant can be expensive to buy. Caulkers have their own retailers there, and can usually get it cheaper so they can pass it on to consumers. 7. They make average jobs look polished and finished . Uneven skirting boards look straight, for instance a painter who can't cut properly Trust me get a good joint sealer, you'll thank me later

which waterproofing is best

1: Waterproofing Membrane polyurethane
Polyurethane membranes are a common alternative in the Australian waterproofing industry with regards to the multiple applications of this membrane, these can be installed, for example, on different substrates; asphalt, cement sheeting, and roof tops. Polyurethane has excellent flexible characteristics, and the fast and efficient element makes it an attractive choice in moving areas.
Polyurethane membranes may be rolled in a conventional way, or they can be sprayed using a spray device under high pressure. The sprayed solution will dry in around 25 seconds, depending on the local weather conditions. The product is trafficable within 24 hours in a 20 degree environment, depending on the type of membrane a top coat may be required to protect against UV rays.

How long does silicone take to dry?

Gets a skin within an hour, Fully cure 48 hrs

what is mastic joint sealer?

A polyurethane sealant is a form of liquid sealant that heals in an elastic state, keeping it elastic while maintaining the surface bond which has been connected together. It conforms to just about any material that makes the type of sealant all-purpose. All standard applications for mastic sealant are wood, aluminium, glass, marble, and even duct board. Most construction companies use sealant silicone caulk to connect windows to the structures. Polyurethane sealant can also be used to seal cracks around bathtubs and many types of stonework. Roofing and brick structures well respond to polyurethane sealants, and even vehicles like cars and boats incorporate mastic sealants to create a dust-free surface. Polyurethane sealants typically last about five years until re-application is necessary to ensure continued performance.

What is a Joint sealer

Joint sealant is intended to minimise water infiltration and fluid flow components into the joint system. ... Sealant usage occurred in the early 1900s. Sealing over all concrete surface joints to reduce water and incompressible penetration has been a longtime activity.

Will caulk stick to grout?

Caulk will stick to grout, the only way it will fail is: 1.iI you apply it to wet grout 2. If the depth of the joint is less than 4mil Its not advisable to apply silicone to grout as both sides of joint can have remianing grout on both sides of the joint, this can also fail the joint as grout residue dries chalky. Better to silicone on a clean substrate.

Will caulk stick to paint?

It will stick to cured paint, be sure that paint is finished prior to caulk (silicone) application as silicone has hyrophobic (repels water) properties.

Will caulk stick to metal?

You may use silicone sealants to bind several different products, including plastic , rubber, glass, and ceramic.

Will caulk stick to caulk

No, silicone sealant won't adhere on fresh caulk. Nothing binds to silicone-as it has hydrophobic properties. Solution, cut out old caulk and clean both sides of substrate.

Will caulk stick to concrete?

Silicone caulk will normally get the job done, Which kinds of caulking occur, and which outdoor caulk do you use for your concrete repair? Polyurethane caulk - As with most caulks, this coating contains an impermeable barrier to avoid cracks from reaching dirt, air and debris. It is a good substitute to silicone caulk as its paintable where silicone is not

Which caulk to use?

If you are dealing with non-porous areas including bathtubs, pools, sinks, etc., Silicone is a fantastic overall caulk and necessary.

Which caulk for bathroom sink?

Admil Bostic Industrial grade silicone These are the ones prefered with tilers that work in construction. You can use others such as selleys. make sure its neutral curing,

Why caulk cracks?

Caulking cracks will prevent ongoing cracking. Caulking cracks will stop debris and rodents such as cockcroaches, ants and other insects from infesting. Bonding is an important element to successful caulking. Poor bonding will cause the caulk to pull away from the surface and, in some cases , simply fall out. Often, loss of adhesion is attributed to powder dust that has not been washed off the substrate, or even using low-quality caulk. For adhesion a clean surface is critical. When cracks are either very close or very small, the caulk can not get into the crack, it has less surface to adhere to. Cracks sometimes needs grinding out prior to caulk, morte depth and with of crack increases adhesive qualities.

Why caulk skirting?

Caulking skirting gives the job a finishing touch, skirting boards don't usually line up straight to floor. Silicone can fix this. It makes other trades jobs look professional such as fixing poor cutting work from painters. Painters usually use acrilic gap filler which result in cracking and lines that or not straight to the eye. Also when mopping or sweeping, dust and insects can hide in the joint.

Why caulk around a toilet?

Sealant helps to keep the toilet secure to the ground and avoids any risk of harm or fault of the toilet. The International Plumbing Code practically requires that you caulk a toilet to the ground. This in turn is good for hygiene/aesthetics purposes.

What caulk to use around windows?

Choose a good quality caulk made from silicone or polyurethane for a long-lasting protection around the windows. Silicone sealant or a combination of silicone and latex, is safe, versatile, resistant to shrinkage and can last for 20 years

When caulk doesn't dry

Main factors of why caulk does't dry 1:Expired silicone, or shelf life 2: Poor weather conditions like to much moisture in the air.

Caulk when wet?

It's not suitable to caulk in water. Wet caulk may cause a variety of problems like inadequate adhesion and possible development of moulds. Yet caulk suppliers do realise that there are often no other choices open to you. Maybe you're trying to seal a room rapidly to avoid water damage or have a few weeks rain forecast. Caulking under damp conditions with the right product and measures is feasible, but for a seal that won't fail its better to wait and do it under dry conditions.

Caulk when painting

Use silicone after paint is finished as its un paintable. Use Polyurethane if you want caulk that is paintable. Try not to use Acrilic gap fillers as they crack and fail.

How to caulk a shower?

1. Make sure that all joints are free of moisture, grout and dust 2. Use suitable silicone for the job. 3. Put silicone cartridge in gun 4. Cut tip off and put on nozzle 5. Cut nozzle at a 45 degree angle and the same width of the acquired joint. 6. Apply silicone slowly at your own pace 7. Spray with some detergent 8. Tool off with silicone spatula 9. Wait for 48 hrs to dry 10. Mark with tape (wet silicone and date) so no one goes and wrecks your work NOTES; Start with the floors, then work your way up as you don't want any water on the joints from the spray as water travels down.

How caulk gun works

Push the release button at the back of the piston to use a caulking pistol, pull the metal rod back, and insert the silicone sealant tube into the chassis. Then, push the metal rod back into the frame and secure the tube. After that, cut off the tip of the tube and put the nozzle out over the crack you want to caulk, make sure the gun is at a 45 degree angle

Caulk without gun

Ziplock bag method 1. Cut cartridge and you a steel rod to squeeze a portion into a zip lock bag 2. cut a tiny hole in the corner of the bag and apply.

Why caulk is cracking?

1. Your using acrilic and not silicone 2. Expired sealant 3. Poor prepwork prior to sealing 4. Not right sealant for the job.

Why is my caulk yellowing?

Clear silicone can begin to turn yellow and blacken after years of exposure to water and humidity. This discoloration is caused by rust exposure, and mould formation. It is better to remove old silicone and apply new silicone rather than using bleach to solve the issue. Silicone by this time has lost its adhesive qualities and will fail, creating leaks and often expensive damages later on down the track.

Caulk or filler?

Caulking Advantages -Seals water -Has movement preventing cracking Filler Advantages - Sandable - Used to fill large holes

Why choose GC Seals?

1.Over 15 years of caulking experience, 2. Extensive product knowledge knowing what is suitable for the job, silicone, polyurethane, fire - rated. We have been through trial and error. Sometimes following directions on the back of the label is just not enough. 3. Only professional Caulkers/Jointsealers of 5 years or more will be on site to give you any information about your caulking needs. 4. We use professional commercial grade products only so it minimizes defects in out work

Who is the best caulker in Gold Coast?

There are many good caulkers on the Gold Coast that I have worked with, but unfortunately the bad outway the good. Many boast that they are the best but come up short. I'll let my work do the talking please visit my Instagram GC SEALS.

How silicone rubber is made?

Silicone is indeed a flexible polymer, among several other materials, in elastomers, liquids, greases, and latex caulk. Its main ingredient is silica Here's what you need to know about making silicone

Whats the difference Silicone and Silicon

When talking about silicone production one important distinction is that between silicone and silicon. Silicon-without "e"-is a chemical (Si) element. It is naturally not discovered in its isolated form, as most elements do. That being said, silicone refers to a wide class of polymers, consisting of a siloxane bond (chemical formula -Si-O-Si-) with different organic compounds attached.

will silicone stick to silicone

No, your new silicone will not stick to your old silicone. As silicone does not lose its hydrophobic properties virtually nothing sticks to it. It is best to remove the old sealant and then apply new sealant.

silicone where to buy?

1. Bunnings 2. Supercheap Auto 3. Mitre 10 4. Waterproofing Warehouses 5.Total Tools 6. Nerang Tiles 7.King waterproofing and silicone caulking 8. tradelink 9. Reeces plumbing

How does caulk remover work?

Caulk remover has chemicals to help break down silicone and polyurethane. Make sure to wear gloves as you may have a skin reaction when in contact. Test spot in an are first as it can discolor fabrics or tiles.

Will polyurethane caulk stick to itself?

Yes polyurethane will adhere to itself Make sure that the surface area is clean prior to sealing. No primers or sanding is needed.

Can polyurethane caulk be painted?

Yes polyurethane can be painted. But not when polyurethane is wet, Allow it to cure for at least 48 hrs.

How remove polyurethane caulk?

Best way to remove Polyurethane is with a stanley blade. You can also use a multi tool with a blade attachment. When most of the Polyurethane is removed, it is recommended that excess polyurethane be removed by a grinder with a wire brush attachment on it. Be sure to wear gloves and protective glasses.

How to smooth polyurethane caulk

There are 2 ways to smooth polyurethane caulk, With water and detergent to smooth with (gloves). Without detergent using a spatula to pull sealant left right motion, this is recommended as using detergent may run the risk of poor adhesion.

Does caulk tape work?

No, stay away from it. Does not seal your wet areas effectively, Does not look aesthetically pleasing.

Is water based polyurethane waterproof?

Water based polyurethane is not waterproof, Yet they are water tolerant. So don't use them for sealing water tanks, ok to use where moisture is present.

Which water based polyurethane is the best?

Brands such as Bona has always held a good reputation to one of the best water based polyurethanes in the market.

Where is GC SEALS located?

GC SEALS is based on the Gold Coast.

What does GC SEALS do?

Seal/caulk up any joints from 5ml all the way to 40ml in width.

What is pu sealant?

This is used to caulk, fill jjoints, keep moisture and air away from joints, absorb the natural movement of newly constructed buildings and enhance visual appeal. Silicone and polyurethane are popular sealants.

How to apply pu sealant

1. make sure surface is free of dust and moisture 2. Insert cartridge/sausage into gun 3. but one end and put on nozzle 4. cut nozzle at a 45 degree angle and roughly the same size of joint 5. Squeeze trigger with 30 percent pressure 6. gradually add more pressure to increase speed 7. Everytime you put the gun on the ground, don't forget to press the back plate of the gun to stop access sealant from coming out.

Pu sealant for sale?

Pu sealant is available At bunnings Supercheap Auto Waterproofing warehouses Mitre 10 Total Tools Trade Tools

how does polyurethane sealant cure?

Polyurethane cures by reacting to moisture in the air. So areas where there is high humidity, curing times will be alot quicker.